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What you should know to make your trade show exhibit the best.

Do you know what what things will make your trade show exhibit work?

Trade shows are a unique medium to get the word out about your company, product, or service.  Here are some things to know before your trade show.

1.  A live presentation has many befits. You only have about 30 seconds to catch the eye of potential clients as they walk down the trade show aisle.  Live presentations make people curious about what's happening at your booth.  Not only something needed to  make visitors stop but they must be visually educated on the benefits and features of your product.

2.  The live presentation should be no longer than 10 to 12 minutes.  More that  that and the attendee could lose interest before he hears about the information on your product or service.

3.  Make sure whoever is doing your presentation has a thorough knowledge of the product and that your staff is available to answer any questions that the attendee may have.  Remember the aim of the presentation is to peak their curiosity so they will want to come in the booth.

4.  I personally have a trade show questionnaire I send out so that I can get the necessary information to give the best presentation I can.  Once I've received the questionnaire back I can then write a script that will bring the most benefit to you.

5.  To attract a crowd and have fantastic results you need a special secret.  A customizes magic presentation will attract a crowd, communicate your message, and collect more leads then ever to your booth.

6.  There is so much more to say but to keep this short I want to say a few words about give-aways.  These are things like pens, hats, and shirts.   But you can maximize your message with a magical give-away.  Imagine if your attendees learned how to do a simple magic trick that involves your message and logo.A magical giving-away gives them something they can use, have fun with, and at the same time allow your message to go far beyond the trade show floor.

7.  Be sure you always follow up on the leads you receive.

A live magic presentation uses very little room and is a proven attention getter.  Give me the chance to make your company's product information the center of attention, to attract a crowd, communicate your company's message and get you more leads to your booth.

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