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A trade show is a unique gathering of people for a single purpose.   That purpose is to see new ideas that can be used in or that can be used to enhance their products.  But these decision makers need to know what is there.  That's where "THE MAGIC OF MICHAEL ASLAN" can deliver your message to these potential clients by drawing them to your booth and after the show letting your people talk to the interested parties in the booth.

MCHAEL ASLAN knows what it means to cater to your potential clients needs by using magic to draw them to your booth while telling them about your product.  MICHAEL ASLAN will customize his magic by showing your products best features, whether it's in a close-up venue like your booth, a hospitality suite, or a night club style show.  MICHAEL ASLAN can also add personal touches by incorporating your company logo on things like small give away magic tricks that your new clients can carry in their pockets.  Each time they do the trick your name is right there.

From special events to trade shows MICHAEL ASLAN should be your first choice for entertainment.

Seeing MICHAEL ASLAN perform will leave a lasting impression of your show and product in the minds of all those that attend.

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