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   Dr. A's Magic  Medicine Show

"GOOD DAY, GOOD DAY MY FRIENDS.  TODAY I'M HERE TO INTRODUCE TO YOU AND TO SHOW YOU THE WONDERS OF DR. A's MYSTICAL, MAGICAL, MEDICINAL ELIXIR FOR ANYTHING THAT AILS YA.So begins Dr. A's Magic Medicine Show.  The show that was designed after the old west medicine shows.   The show can run from 30 minutes up to an hour.  The show was originally designed for fairs but since I've been doing it at a small hotel in Las Vegas I increased the running time to an hour.  The show uses a lot of comedy, magic and a unique style of audience participation.  A lot of medicine shows in the old west sold real medicine and other goods but a lot were just out for the money.  Dr. A shows that as he tells you all about his " mystical, magical, medicinal elixir for anything that ails ya"'in a fun, unique and entertaining way.  As Dr. A says," MY ELIXIR IS GUARANTEED TO HELP YOU TO SEE, GET RID OF YOUR DOGS' FLEAS, TAKE AWAY YOUR FAT AND GET RID OF YOUR RATS."  

One review from Jeffery A. said." Great show.  Tremendous fun!  Dr. A has a twinkle in his eye and magic at his fingertips.  Adults loved it and it was a huge hit with the kids.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

Dr. A's show can be performed almost anywhere.  A gym floors full stage, or on our traveling trailer stage.  We carry our own equipment so all you provide are the people.


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